Box of 15 Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pads 150mm Depth 600mmx600mm


Suspended ceiling encapsulated insulation pads

• Quantity: 15 pads in a box
• Length: 600mm.
• Width: 600mm.
• Thickness: 150mm.
• Material: glass fibre.
• Thermal conductivity: 0.042 W/mK.

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Polythene Encapsulated Suspended Ceiling Pads

Our polythene encapsulated suspended ceiling pads are supplied for both thermal and acoustic applications, and are ideal products to use as the insulation is bagged for ease of transportation, ease of fitting and to stop insulation fibres becoming loose in the environment below the ceiling.

Suspended ceiling pads can be moved easily and fit elsewhere so there’s no permanent commitment to the insulation or to the ceiling itself, perfect for commercial offices and schools.

Benefits include improved thermal and acoustic performance, along with making them a far safer product to handle and install.

Our standard pads contain a medium density Glass Mineral Wool and they are fully encapsulated in Black Polythene.


• Length: 600mm.
• Width: 600mm.
• Thickness: 150mm.
• Material: glass fibre.
• Thermal conductivity: 0.042 W/mK.
• Acoustic: yes.


• Completely enclosed for easy transportation and installation.
• Odourless and rot-proof.
• For use above all suspended ceilings as insulator or for sound dampening properties.
• Encapsulated insulation is appropriate for clean-air environments.
• Packs are lightweight, will not damage or cause undue stress to your suspended ceiling.
• An economic insulation option.

How Many do I Need?

If you have not counted each individual ceiling tile needed, but you do know the Mthen dived by .36 as each tile is .36 of a square meter.


Boxes of 15 rolled and taped pads produced for shipment are supplied in a box measuring 610 x 610 x 610mm

Additional information

Dimensions 610 × 610 × 610 cm